Yeah, I've Got a Health Check for That

(Repost from December 8, 2014)

Get oriented for what might be the most laborious "big mig" in z/OS V2.2.

If you've seen my tweets, the thing that has me most worried for migration to z/OS V2.2 is that the IBM HTTP Server Powered by Domino is being removed.  That means it's best to move to the IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache sooner rather than later.  Doing that migration concurrently with, or just after migration to z/OS V2.1, would be ideal.  (IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache is a feature of the Ported Tools product [5655-M23], which you can get at no price from Shopz now.)

As I've heard, the first step in recovering is recognizing you've got the problem. To that end, we've written a simple IBM Health Check to detect whether you are using the IBM HTTP Server Powered by Domino or not. I'd like to do something a little different with this Health Check in that I want to provide it to you via the z/OS Installation and Migration web site rather than making it an APAR/PTF.  Before I do that, I wanted to offer it up before it reaches that web page and also solicit any opinions on putting it on the web page rather than in an APAR/PTF.  I know that SHARE members aren't shy in letting me know what they think!

Don't read too much into my suggestion of putting a migration Health Check on the web page.  It does not mean at all that migration Health Checks won't be in APARs/PTFs in the future.  Due to the nature of this check (origins, owner, life cycle) I'd like to pursue delivery a little differently than with others we've done.  That's all.

Please drop me an email if you'd like to get a copy of the check before I put it in z/OS Installation and Migration web page, or even just comment below on what you think of this direction for providing this check.