Refreshed Migration Book and Migration Workflow

(Repost from January 14, 2016)

 A refreshed book, for the new year!

Happy 2016 to all !

With all the festivities going on, you might not have noticed.  The z/OS V2.2 Migration book was updated at the end of December 2015 to be the -06 level (GA32-0889-06).   There were several new and some changed migration actions that you might want to peruse.  I won't call them earth-shaking, but they do warrant a quick read.

Of course, along with a new book, we naturally have a refreshed z/OSMF Migration Workflow.  The download site for the Workflow has been updated with the exact changes that were put into the book.  Make sure you take both the XML file (the workflow itself), and the feedback template (the .txt file), as they must match.  As always, only take the workflow which corresponds to your z/OS migration path:  either z/OS V2.1 to V2.2, or R13 to V2.2.  

About now, I can just about hear the groans for those of you that already have taken the prior workflow (level -05), have started working on it, and now don't have the latest level.  I understand perfectly.  This is something that the Workflow team has recognized as a situation to remedy.  With that in mind, I'd recommend that you either 1:  look at the Summary of Changes section in the -06 level (either the PDF or the new Workflow itself) to understand what you might be missing in your current Workflow (possibly none of the changes affect you???), or 2:  decide if pulling the later Workflow and re-customizing it is something that is worth it if you don't have much done in your current Workflow.

If you have any comments about this Workflow, please let us know.  We are looking forward to receiving feedback on indiviual migration actions, as well as on the overall z/OS V2.2 migration.