Practical z/OS information for the z13s

(Repost from February 16, 2016)

No doubt, you've heard about the new kid on the block - the z13s!    I thought I'd share some practical information for those that are wondering about positioning z/OS for the z13s.  Here's a short list of that information:

1)  The z/OS Migration book is being refreshed with the new z13s information.  The migration action you are interested in now is titled "Migrate to an IBM z13 or IBM z13s server".  The refresh of the book is the -07 level (and will be out soon).  The full number is GA32-0889-07.

2)  The SMP/E FIXCATs you will be using are:  “IBM.Device.Server.z13S-2965.RequiredService”, “IBM.Device.Server.z13S-2965.Exploitation”, and "IBM.Device.Server.z13S-2965.RecommendedService".  No surprise there.  Today, there are 18 PTFs already marked, but there will no doubt be more.  Keep an eye out, and always get the latest Enhanced HOLDDATA.  The z13 PTFs have also been marked with the z13s FIXCAT, so you don't necessarily need to use both FIXCATs.  

3)  The PSP bucket is called UPGRADE: 2965DEVICE   SUBSET: 2965/ZOS .  I don't see it (yet) on the internet, but it is on RETAIN, if you have access to that today.  I know the internet view is slightly delayed for the PSP buckets.  

4)  The z13 z/OS Migration Workflow ( is planned to be refreshed to match the z/OS Migration book on Monday, 29 February 2016.  

5) If you are going to migrate from a zBC12 (or zEC12) to a z13s, there really aren't a LOT of migration actions to do, but there are restrictions to undertsand.  if you've been following the z13 migration actions, you've got them already.  z13s doesn't add any "new" considerations, beyond getting the right z13s PTFs installed.  

As always, attend the SHARE sessions where the new z13s information will be presented.