Newer z/OS Github Additions

(Repost from August 24, 2018)

What's this with z/OS and github thing? New stuff is coming quickly.

Since Martin Packer and I have been travelling a lot this summer for various work and life events, our podcast hasn't been able to get recorded.   We've got a huge backlog of topics though, so hopefully we can get to them soon.  With that in mind, I would have put this in one of our episdoes but wanted to spread the word without waiting for us to finally be in our offices at the same time.

Our z/OS github location has really been picking up in the past several weeks.  Yes, part of it is due to many of our web pages no longer being available, and also because this method has been an easy was for us to provide new content to you - the user - very quickly.

What have we recently added that you might be interested in?

  • zOS-WLM  :  samples and documents have been provided here, which previously were found on the WLM web page.
  • zOS-RACF:  RACF has decided to keep with their ftp server location for the actual files, however, they will keep an updated consolidated list of all their nifty tools here, so that you can find them and shop for new ones in a single location.
  • zOS-RMF:  helpful documentation is found, and many useful presentations you've seen at conferences.
  • zOSMF:  several java code samples have been provided for communicating with z/OS for data set, files, and job resources.  

One note if you choosing to download the z/OS V2.2 or V2.3 Migration Workflows, there is one tricky part which I've been asked often about.  We've added some help in the readme, but maybe that is not being seen.

The .xml file for the z/OS Migration workflow is quite large, and cannot be handled in github by using the regular "download" button like the rest of the files can.  You will see the "download" button, and can actually use it, but by doing so you will not have the .xml file in the correct format!  Then, z/OSMF Workflow creation will fail later and that isn't good.  When you see in github that the file is too large ("(Sorry about that, but we can’t show files that are this big right now.)"), you must use the "raw" button instead, then do a right mouse click to "save as...".    Once you do that, everything is fine and you can continue as normal.  As far as I've seen, just these workflows are the only files we have that are large enough to see that, so you might not be used to encountering it.  Especially if you are a new github user, like me.  

As a reminder:  IBM controls this repository and we do not accept contribution requests ("pulls") from anyone but the IBM owner of the files.  You can do a pull to make your updates known, but they will go to the IBM product for review.  If the owner chooses to update the files, then they will do their own updates and pull request which will be approved since they are the IBM owner.  We do that to ensure that the files you see on this repository do indeed come from IBM.  This is a little different usage of git, and not consistent with how the rest of the git world works.   As always with what you get from this or any other open code repository, it is expected that you review what you are using in your environment. 

If you haven't tried to browse around this github location, give it a try!  You just might find something new and helpful to you...if only that PDF file you didn't know existed from a conference you wish you could have attended.