New Year, New Blog Location!


It's soon to be a new year, and maybe already is, for those that are truly enjoying their time away from their computer.  With the new year, I've decided to move my Marna's Musings blog to its permanent new home:  Marna's Musings .

For those that recall, Martin Packer and I moved our podcast (Mainframe, Performance, Topics Podcast) a while back.  It was very painful and we'll never do that again!  (Martin had an even worse time of it when he moved his entire career's blog to a new domain.  And he has blogged very often for many years!)

There are a few items to note about my new blog location:

  1. My old blog at ( will no longer be maintained by me.  SHARE is welcome to reprint any blogs from this location, as is.  I welcome having them available to the widest audience!
  2. As long as I pay google my domain subscription, I will not be moving my blog anymore!  It is way too much work to cull old posts and bring them into a new infrastructure.  
I hope I haven't lost any readers, so if you find anything you like, please feel free to share it.