Joe Friday's z/OS positioning for IBM z16

(Repost from April 16, 2022) 

"Just the facts, ma'am".

Now the initial announcement excitement has settled down a little, I thought it was time to provide some basic z/OS positioning information for the IBM z16.  Note that there are a lot of details that could be peeled back, but for this blog, we'll keep to just the high level facts.  

What is the minimum level of z/OS that you need for the IBM z16?

z/OS V2.2. The z/OS V2.2 PTFs will be CLOSEd even though it is End of Support and are available for you to acquire, but if you wish IBM Service to help you with any Cases, you'll need the "IBM Software Support Services" contract.

Will z/OS V2.1 IPL on a IBM z16, don't you have some secret way of letting me do that? Pretty please?

No. Doesn't exist. Minimum is z/OS V2.2.

What is the absolute minimum list of PTFs needed for z/OS?

IBM.Device.Server.z16-3931.RequiredService. This SMP/E FIXCAT gives you the absolute minimum list of PTFs you have to install to have z/OS support the IBM z16.  There are available now.  Go get them.  

There are other IBM z16 FIXCATs, do I need them too?

Not unless you are going to exploit specific IBM z16 functions right when you bring in your IBM z16.  For specific Exploitation functions, they are all put in the Exploitation FIXCAT of IBM.Device.Server.z16-3931.Exploitation. Some of the new functions, like for System Recovery Boost, also have those Functional FIXCATs tagged as well, but you can use only the Exploitation FIXCAT to see what the complete new function list is.

What is this thing I see called the Recommended list? Is that Required too?

No. They are for additional PTFs that IBM Service would like you to consider installing because it fixes known defects. It is worthwhile, though, to review what PTFs you don't have installed that are Recommended (IBM.Device.Server.z16-3931.RecommendedService), to see if those are ones which you might encounter. It does no harm in running a report to see if you have any missing.

IBM z16 does NOT have HW feature code 0104, and that is one of the prereqs for zCX. What should I do if I use zCX on IBM z16?

Use the Monthly License Charge (MLC) product IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS (5655-HZ1) instead. This product or the HW feature code 0104 for pre-IBM z16 were required for using zCX. Now on IBM z16, the requirement has to be satisifed with IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS (5655-HZ1). You can get it today on Shopz.

Is there a z/OSMF Workflow for me to see what the upgrade actions are for z/OS on an IBM z16?

Yes. Go here to see more about that.

That's it. Book 'em, Danno. (Yeah, I know it was a different show, but it seemed appropriate as the conclusion.)