IBM Education Assistance for z/OS V2.2 Goodies

(Repost from September 17, 2015)

So many enhancements, so little time.

If you read IBM-Main, you'll see that I put an entry out yesterday announcing that we've got the z/OS V2.2 IBM Education Assistance ( information out there.   I thought that many might not know exactly what the "IBM Education Assistance" (IEA) is, so I want to explain a little about it...

We've got about 100 small, and maybe not so small, education modules about specific line items in z/OS V2.2.  These education modules are complete in that you can find out everything you needed to know about that one item in a single location.  This is different than the way you might have been learning about new functions in the operating system previously: looking up in the Introduction and Release Guide about what is new, then digging around in one or several books to get the complete picture of what the function is.  

Everyone has his/her own preferences, so I'm hoping that IEA might appeal to some that wanted to find new functions in a different and maybe easier way.  The IEA modules are written by the owning component experts, so they are coming straight from the people that wrote and tested the code.  You can't get better than that!

Because there are so many education modules, we hope we've got them organized in a way that can help you find what you need.  We've lumped the enhancements together based on the purpose they serve (Availability, Networking, Security, ...), and then sub-divided that by element (BCP, DFSMS, RACF, ...).  Hopefully this can direct you to a list of enhancements that might interest you.

So, once you've got through the migration to z/OS V2.2, why not take a look at this website and start enjoying the fruits of your labor with a nice new function to exploit?