Are You Electronic Delivery Secure?

(Repost from May 5, 2016)

May 22, 2016 you'll have to be set up for secure electronic delivery for Shopz and SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER...that's not very far from now.

I'd like to bring your attention to an important WSC Flash that Lucy Miller just released:  (opens in a new window)

I'll give you the highlights of that Flash...

We've been saying for quite a while that the regular old FTP method for delivering software to you was going to be removed, and in its place you'll have to use FTPS, HTTPS, or "store and forward".   You probably are affected, as I think that all people do one or more of the following :

  • Get PTFs, ServerPacs, or CBPDOs from Shopz
  • Get PTFs from ServiceLink

When it is happening?  Shopz and RECEIVE ORDER will change on MAY 22, 2016.  ServiceLink SRD orders have already changed on APRIL 17, 2016.   If you want to continue to, or start, using "store and forward" you can, and that is unaffected by these dates.  But, if you are not using "storage and forward", you need to make sure you have selected either FTPS or HTTPS as your delivery mechanism.  

If you haven't decided which one to use, I have noticed that HTTPS has been a popular choice for many customers.  You can find some HTTPS instructions for SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER in  "Preparing to use Internet service retrieval" in the z/OS SMP/E Users Guide: htm  (new window)

The Connectivity Test for all the delivery mechanisms can be found at:  (new window)